Forced outages, poor performances and unit de-ratings are few major causes of loss of power generation. A Comprehensive Health Assessment (CHA) of Power Plant program can determine the health of the system and equipment/components and identify the problem areas for improvements. Root causes of the damages and deterioration's can be charted and solutions can be developed to avoid losses in performance and generations to extract useful life to a power plant.�

1. CHA study for Performance improvement of Thermal Power Plants in India.

Project: NTPC Korba, unit no. 4, 500MW.

A unique project by Indian Government to apply Japanese ODA program. The scope includes the Detail study of one unit of 500 MW, where in NASL worked with its associate ALSTOM Japan under the leadership of JICA & J-Power. NASL completed project in a time spam of 120 days, wherein site shutdown was provided for 25 days.

Scope Included:
  • Residual Life Assessment (RLA) for 1xIP and 1xLP Turbines & Piping.
  • Main Piping Assessment
  • Steam Path Audit (SPA) of 1xIP and 1xLP Turbines
Special Features of the scope:
  • Finite Element Analysis (Using ABASQUAS and Fe-Safe software) for Residual Life Calculation of Turbine & Critical Piping's.
  • Critical Pipe Modeling and Stress Analysis, Using CEASER II software.

2. CHA study for 4x210 units with details analysis on unit no. 7, 210 MW viz, RLA, SPA, CA, PET. Project: MPPGCL Satpura STPS, Sarni.

A project completed successfully in association with NTPC Consultancy Wing, Noida

Scope Included:
  • Residual Life Assessment (RLA) for HP, IP, LP Turbines, Boiler, Generator & Piping.
  • Main Piping Assessments through FEM using Software tools.
  • Steam Path Audit (SPA) of HP, IP &LP Turbines.
  • Performance testing of One Turbine, Boiler & Auxiliaries.
  • Condition assessment study of Main plant & BOP.
  • Energy Audit of plant.