NGSL (Formerly NASL) got best contractor safety award from NTPC TALCHER :

Owing to a significant reduction in availability of critical components and a need to improve operations and maintenance at two of their 110MW units at Talcher, NTPC the leading electrical utility supplier in India released an enquiry in 2009 for the upgrade of a number of items crucial to the efficient running of two of their plant steam generators.

In January 2010, NGSL were awarded the contract for a value of INR 19Cr.

Utilizing the core of NTPC's quality processes further establishment of high quality cost effective equipment and service suppliers was made.

Cost was also kept under control by strict adherence to planning and achieving maximum resource utilization. Engineering deliverables also progressed well due to the full cooperation and openness between the NGSL & NTPC teams.

Site management and collaboration between NTPC and NGSL resources allowed for any site obstacles to be removed and plans to be met generating a continuity of erection time and operations.

As a result of this by December 2011 the project had reached a successful conclusion. One of the key highlights being the erection time - both units completed in 41 days against the contract agreement of 45 days. In addition both units managed to achieve their trail run and achieve successful performance guarantee tests within two months of unit synchronization.

As a further example of the dedication to execution excellence, the Best Contractor Safety Award 2011 was presented to NGSL by NTPC at their safety day awards ceremony.