Boiler & Auxiliaries Retrofit Solutions :

Boiler & Auxiliaries Solutions for Life extension, Modernization, Re-Engineering , Upgrade to address performance deterioration including effects of Fuel degradation and shortfall in Operational reliability with implementation of Safety norms ( BMS / FSSS) . Capability to carry out CFD studies to re engineer & implement modification to Ducts , Dampers, Expansion joint, etc. NGSL (Formerly NASL) retrofit solutions bring unparalleled advantages in speed, flexibility, and developing solutions for operating Boilers.

  1. Modernization of Boiler & Auxiliaries- such as Furnace, Economizer, Air preheater, Coal Mills &Combustion System & Draft Systems to achieve Life extension, Modernization, Re-Engineering , Upgrade & Efficiency improvement
  2. Fuel Conversions and additions - Fuel switching from Oil/Gas to Coal.
  3. Pressure Parts replacement and re-design.
  4. Life Extension / Rehabilitation of ageing units
  5. Capability to perform Residual Life assessment & other Performance tests & implement Re engineered solution
  6. Access to World's leading Technology