Upgrade for Compliance, Performance and Efficiency :

INNOVATIVE UPGRADE SOLUTIONS: NGSL (Formerly NASL) provides a full range of retrofits to keep your ESP performing at desired particulate emission within the regulatory requirements with reduced power consumption.


RELIABLE UPGRADE SOLUTIONS NGSL ESP upgrade solutions are the ideal way to extend equipment lifetime, lower emissions and cut maintenance costs.

CUTTING EDGE ESP TECHNOLOGY WITH MOST ADVANCED CONTROLLER (EPIC/SIR) NGSL offers best available technology Solutions to solve mechanical, electrical, control system and flue gas conditioning challenges.

GUARANTEED COMPLIANCE When we upgrade to your equipment, we contractually underwrite improved emissions, and power consumption.

IMPROVED RELIABILITY FOR AVAILABILITY Our ESP components and systems are optimized for reliability and efficiency with low parts count. This translates in longer lifetime, less frequent outages and lower maintenance costs.

PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT Our intelligent upgrades and remote optimization systems allow you to boost plant productivity and extend the ESP lifetime, while staying compliant without capital intensive replacements.

COST EFFICIENCY / IMPROVEMENT By optimizing process parameters and exploiting lifetime extension options, NGSL (Formerly NASL) helps you save running and capital costs which boosts you ROI.

MINIMIZEED IMPLEMETATION SCHEDULE By using NGSL (Formerly NASL)'s outage management plans, tools and methods, we ensure a minimum shutdown period and also limit the EHS hazard during the site work.