Innovative Power Plant Products For Efficiency Improvement & Emissions :

NGSL (Formerly NASL) is also offering Solutions to improve the performance, flexibility and evironmental compliance of existing steam power plants. Today's requirements of higher performance (capacity, efficiency) and compliance to lower emission limits calls for improvement of the installed base of steam power plants. To achieve these goals in the most cost effective way an integrated approach is advantageous compared to a component approach. Especially if components/ systems have to be refurbished because of lifetime reasons an exchange against improved technology is a good way.

In order to solve typical problems of the installed base of steam power plants, NGSL's JV Partner, GE has in the last years developed plant products that help to improve the performance, flexibility and environmental impact.

By applying Heat recovery product particulate emissions can be reduced and the efficiency and capacity can be increased as well. This is achieved by recovering heat from the flue-gas and using the heat for preheating in the water-steam cycle.

Solar boost is a low cost solution to generate renewable power by using concentrating solar thermal equipment and integrating the heat in the waters-steam cycle of an existing steam unit. The integration in the existing steam unit has been optimized to achieve high efficiency and low investment costs and minimizing the risks for the existing steam unit.

Cold end optimization is a possibility to improve the efficiency and capacity of existing plants by optimization of the LP-turbine, Condenser, Cooling water system on a system level. Another possibility to increase the performance of steam power plants is the improvement of live steam and reheat steam temperature control and measurement by the GE steam temperature control module.

Upgrading of existing plants is of high importance today, by using innovative products this can be achieved in a cost effective way.

Innovative Power Plant Products :


Heat Recovery System improves the Water steam cycle efficiency by reducing the flue gas back end temperature and on top improvement of ESP performance for high resistivity fly ashes.

Steam Temperature the implementation of more precise, self-calibrating thermocouples, to safely reduce control margins. This result in consistently higher steam temperatures and improved plant efficiency with no loss of equipment lifetime.

Cold End Performance is a holistic optimization combining improvement potentials like LP Retrofit, Modular Condenser Retrofit and cooling water system auxiliaries to achieve a greater cumulative benefit.


Solar Boost is the integration of Solar Energy into existing power plants to help burn less coal for same MW's or more power at same coal consumption.

Hybrid Cooling helps when mandatory thermal discharge limits cause availability issues during periods of peak electricity demand / prices by integration of additional dry cooling capacity, with low space requirements and high operational flexibility, in existing power plants.

Water Economy is the integration of water saving solutions for wet cooled power plants. Enabling a station to reduce water consumption when seasonal shortages occur.


Start-Up-Boost integrates a Turbine Bypass into existing power plants to help increase flexibility of steam units and reduce start-up fuel cost.

Peak Power is a thermal energy storage for steam plants to provide peak power and reduce minimum load. This can also increase the operation range of power plants.

Low Load reduces minimum Load of steam plants by boiler modifications and decoupling of boiler and turbine operation. This Product increases plant flexibility and can reduce the annual number of start-ups and associated material stresses.