PSEB Bhatinda - Renovation and modernization of Units 1& 2 (2X110MW)


To Restore rated output of Units and improve availability, reliability & Stack Emission

PROJECT :Renovation & Modernization of 2 X 110 MW Units

Features of the Renovated Boiler

  • Height of complete boiler including drum is raised to bring out the Bottom Ash Handling system from - 3 meters to ground level.
  • Additional 3rd pass of the Air Heater.
  • Milling system upgradation
  • Additional passes in ESP and EPIC Controllers from Alstom Sweden.


  • Mono-block HP Rotor with high efficient reaction type blades.
  • Retrofitted LP Turbine with more efficient new designed blades and diaphragms of all four stages.
  • Nozzle Block for IP Turbine
  • Governing Valve/ HPQCV / LPQCV / Interceptor Valves
  • More efficient HP Heaters.

Features of new Instrumentation & Control System

  • Distributed Control System. Unified database for plant operation, status reports, summaries, analysis, SOE, etc. with Operator Friendly controls through CRT Based Operator Station.
  • Pneumatic Operation of all actuators with new instrument air compressor system.
  • AV6 Controller for HP/LP Bypass system.

Features of Balance of Plant and Electricals
  • Augmentation & modernization of ash handling system.
  • New piping & fittings in DM Plant. Raising of all the vessels. Electronic instruments for DM Water quality monitoring.

Post R&M Scenario :
Highlights of Unit No. 2
  • Record Generation of 27.14 MU with PLF of 102.8% in one day on 17th Feb 2006.
  • Record Monthly Generation of 80.44 MU in Unit#2 with PLF of 98.29% in Dec 2006
  • Record Generation with PLF of 98.09%, 91.60%, 94.06% & 97.99% in the months of January, March, April and September 2006 respectively.

  • Record Generation with PLF of 95% in 1st year after R&M and consistent generation thereafter.