NTPC Tanda - R&M of Boiler in 4 x110 MW units; Improving Boiler Efficiency & Safety

PROJECT :R&M of Boiler in 4 x110 MW units at NTPC Tanda


LOCATION :India,Tanda.


The objective of the R & M is to improve boiler efficiency, achieve higher availability by providing additional Coal Firing System and to increase boiler safety.


  • New Mill with associated auxiliaries viz- New Volumetric Feeder with Coal Piping up to burners and New Bunker added.
  • A New coal elevation is added at the bottom as a wind box for new mill. This wind box is designed to equip scanners, burners.
  • Existing relay based FSSS Upgraded with Advanced Microprocessor based Control System.
  • Retrofit of Existing RAPH to improvement in backend temp.