CPP NALCO, Angul - Retrofitting of ESPs in Units # 1,2,3,4 & 6 (5 X 120 MW); Emission Reduction to 100mg / Nm3

PROJECT :Retrofitting of ESPs in Units # 1,2,3,4&6 (5 X 120 MW) at CPP NALCO,Angul


LOCATION :India,Angul


The objective of the upgrade is to reduce the emission from the present levels down to 100mg/ Nm3.


  • Addition of new third Pass along with associated Civil and Ash handling system.
  • Increase in height of the existing Passes along with replacement of all the internals.
  • All the TR sets and the controllers are being replaced by Alstom EPIC IIIControllers.

Shut down activities in this solution is much less. All work is being carried out in running Unit. Shut Down is required only for hooking up of the 3rd Pass ofthe ESP with the existing passes,connection of the ducting ,installation of the dampers/gates and flow balancing etc. that wouldrequire only 30 days .


  • Unit-6 (First Unit ) is complete and ready for Hook up and commissioning.
  • Unit-3 (Second Unit) Erection of New Pass in progress.
  • Unit-1(Third Unit) Civil work in progress.