Plant Audit & Assessments (PA & A) :

Asset Optimization in thermal power plant is essential for economic and sustained Generation. As first step , the attributes for performance deterioration must be identified to make economic decisions to restore optimum performance. "Plant Assessments" comprises of such tools/methodologies , which analyzes the system and equipment in detail and provides discreet inputs. These inputs are reported in the form of data, comparisons, photographs, economics for investment, which further becomes a Tool for owner to take economic decisions.

CHA :Comprehensive Health Assessment Study of Power Plants.

Comprehensive health assessment of thermal power plant is a key intervention for the owner, which helps in the pursuit of sustained power generation. It applies to precipitate the key issues of sustenance at crucial stages of the power plant life with set business objectives viz -

  1. To extract maximum benefits from the plant life,
  2. To provide feedbacks for design corrections, and
  3. To optimise Intervention of Retrofits needed in life cycle, addressing present and future requirements.
  4. To enhance performance and life of power plant equipment's.
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RESIDUAL LIFE ASSESMENT OF BOILER/TURBINE NGSL (Formerly NASL) is the certified agency by CBB for the RLA of boilers. We have specialized team of experts for the Turbine RLA assessment. Our reports are of high standards and are well accepted by NTPC / SEB's. / IBR. With Experience of more than 200 nos of RLA study on almost all designs, NGSL today is the most preferable agency by NTPC plants.

RESIDUAL LIFE ASSESMENT OF GENERATOR NGSL is specialized for RLA of generators with Finite element method. With our core team of experts and strong world vide collaborations, we have access to almost all types of designs. Our uniqueness and long experience has benefited customer with the results & recommendations of RLA reports and have proved to be a major tool in life extension of Generator components

STEAM PATH AUDIT OF TURBINE NGSL is the market leader and licensee for performing the STEAM PATH AUDIT (SPA) study in India. This program has been used all over the world to perform over 150 steam turbine performance evaluation study on all types of steam turbines. This software based study help the owner of turbine to prioritize maintenance actions to get the most for the turbine maintenance expenses. With more than 60 nos of SPA audits, NGSL today is the first choice of customers.

FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS OF TURBINE To provide the steam turbine users the best of turbine assessment, NGSL introduced analysis of life through finite element method. A unique concept wherein a turbine CAD model is prepared for computer simulation using powerful numerical technique, so as to evaluate the temperature , pressure & stress loading effect in terms of creep and fatigue damage s, crack initiation's etc. finally to know the residual life and critical failure zones in a turbine component.

STRESS ANALYSIS/FINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS OF PIPING Again unique concept wherein a piping CAD model is prepared for computer simulation using powerful numerical technique, so as to evaluate the thermal & mechanical loading cycle effects are analyzed using non-linear, elasto-plastic FEM analysis, to identify the residual life and critical failure zones & creep/fatigue analysis to know the permanent deformation in a piping system.

ROBOTICS INSPECTION OF WATER WALL TUBES Water wall tubes continue to be a leading cause for forced outages in boilers. To get boiler back on line and reduce or eliminate future forced outages due to tube failure, it is extremely important to determine and correct the root cause. Detecting flaws before they cause failures is of critical importance in boiler maintenance. Thus, NGSL with its business partner, Russell Technologies, India / Canada, introduced Robotics inspection of WWT were A new robotic "wall crawler" makes use of EM Techniques to inspect boiler water walls from the outside of the tube to the maximum straight accessible length of those tubes.

Why NGSL ?

  • NGSL is the licensee from ENCOTECH USA & market leader for performing the STEAM PATH AUDIT (SPA) study in India SARRC region.
  • NGSL is certified "WELL KNOWN REMENANT LIFE ASSESSMENT" agency by Central Boiler Board.
  • NGSL work procedures followed for Plant Assessments are in line with NTPC / CEA approved procedures & standards and also European Creep Collaborative Committee (ECCC) recommendations which are accepted world vide.
  • NGSL has core technical persons from NTPC/ALSTOM & Ex-BHEL who have expertise in this filed for more than 03 decades.
  • NGSL has huge experience in the field of plant assessment as more than 200+ different studies are completed till date & the reports are proven as an asset to plant O&M persons.
  • NGSL provides Composite package for the overall Comprehensive health assessment of Power plants , all under one stop solution.
  • NGSL has proven understanding of the technologies of the Turbine & Generator installed at NTPC Plants & has availability of updated technologies for @ 80% of Power plant components for their RLA / LE assessments and renovation works thereafter.
  • NGSL is your Partner for Plant Assessment Studies.