Procurement & Sourcing :

At NGSL (Formerly NASL) we have best practices in procurement methods gained from our Parent Organizations - we apply this to achieve value for money, timely delivery and efficiencies that bring benefits to public and private sector customers.

Suppliers and sub-contractors are fundamental to NGSL's success. Its commitment concerns the maintenance and improvement of mutual long-term understanding and trust in the enterprises working with and for NGSL.

While providing equal business opportunities, suppliers and sub-contractors are selected according to the principle of open competition.

In order to support the global procurement process and improve its capability to find new markets and guarantee more sourcing opportunities to the Company, NGSL is strongly committed to identify and explore new sources of supply in emerging countries.

NGSL has developed a Vendor Management process to evaluate the reliability of vendors (both suppliers and sub-contractors) in terms of their technical, financial and organizational capabilities.

The Vendor Management process includes :

  • A fair and structured approach to qualification.
  • The monitoring of suppliers' performance.

Vendor Assesment & Enlistment:

NGSL invites suppliers and contractors to register through NGSL 's Supplier and Contractor registry, an easy way for companies to provide their information.

Forms :