Project Management & Site Services :

Project Management (PM) function at NGSL (Formerly NASL) is headed by Head-Project and the group is entrusted with key responsibities in the Business processes of NGSL. These business processes, for projects, are completed in two phases - Tendering and capture and Project execution (Includes site management), The Project Team members working together, are responsible for the successful execution of their phases and ultimately the project overall, and are in turn supported by the extended team members PM Team at NGSL. The Team is responsible in these two phases as depicted below: :

The Project Management Team for each project is identified at the time of its inception. This team is divided in two sub group for each project, under the leadership of Project Director/Project Managers. The Team comprises as below:

Project Management Team :

  • Project Director leads the Core Team. He works close together with the Core. The core team members are on the inner circle lead the external functions. Support Team Members are on the outer circle of the project organisation chart and take care about the extended functions, fulfil customer's requirement/specifications in the project. Both the core team members and extended team members work as a cross-functional team. The core team is authorised to lead, to plan and to execute the customer's project
  • The Respective Area Manager reports to the Project Manager for management control and direction, as well as for advice and assistance. They support execution team.
  • Other core team members and support Team Members, who are responsible for their own project specific tasks co-ordinate their tasks with respective area Manager to reach the overall project goals. They are responsible for completing a set of project-related tasks and activities. In NGSL (Formerly NASL), extended team members may be full or part time, depending upon the level of effort required and the phase of the project.

Site Management Team :

The basic function remains as above. The site manager reports to Project Director. Further the key functions are as below :

  • To handle the vendors at site responsible for the site execution
  • Schedule control and raise alarm for any deviations
  • Construction manuals matters
  • Direct co-ordination with customer for all execution issues.
  • EHS and Quality compliances
  • Budget control