Turbine , Generator & Auxiliaries :

Turbine Solutions for Life extension, Modernization, Re-Engineering , Upgrade to address performance deterioration and shortfall in Operational reliability can be implemented through complete turbine Shaft Line Replacement in the existing foundation or only by replacement of inner module in HP,IP and LP. This is effected by high Efficiency turbine blading developed by our promoter. The optimize solution will depend on customer requirements, and both impulse and reaction technologies can be employed and solution can be developed for individual cylinders also. Our capabilities for Life Assessment studies, Steam Path Audit provide necessary tools to developed customize solutions suiting each machine set.

Turbine Auxiliaries

Upgrade of turbine auxiliaries compatible to new solution or otherwise can be provided which typically would include State of the art Governing system, Condensate system, Feed system, Heaters & Extraction system, Lub oil system, HP-LP Bypass system, etc .
Necessary redesigning of critical Pipes, Hangers & supports & stress analysis are also our forte.

Generator Solutions

  1. Total Replacement with new Generator - both Air / Hydrogen cooled
  2. Repair / rewind of Generator Rotor.
  3. Partial / full rewinds of Generator Stator.
  4. Modernisationof Seals , cooling & sealing systems.
  5. RLA & Testing of Generator
  6. Implementation of Generator Protection system with state of the art technology

Customer Benefits

  1. Modernization of Turbine & Auxiliaries to achieve Life extension, Modernization, Re-Engineering , Upgrade& Efficiency improvement
  2. Life Extension / Rehabilitation of ageing units
  3. Capability to perform Residual Life assessment & other Performance tests & implement Re engineered solution
  4. Access to World's leading Technology